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Full Automatic Stainless Steel Industrial Defrosting Equipment ,Food Thawing Machine

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Full Automatic Stainless Steel Industrial Defrosting Equipment,Food Thawing Machine Design


Industrial Defrosting Tools happens from a frozen item under vacuum listed below the “triple point” = 4.6 tour (6.2 bar). Listed below the three-way point water will exist in two stages: ice as well as vapor. By including energy to the ice, it will sublimate straight into the vapor stage without passing the liquid water stages.


Industrial Defrosting Equipment Advantage:

Product name

Industrial Defrosting Equipment

refrigeration system

fully automatic control of refrigeration temperature,

PLC control system

humanized control, high automation precision

circulating air system

has good safety and stability

the thawing process can be controlled step by step

the energy consumption is low


Dry chamber door as well as cool well door take on aviation acrylic materials with high toughness as well as no leakage. Seven-inch true color industrial touch display, high control precision, steady performance, straightforward to operate. Internationally popular brand compressors, power efficient, much more secure.

Industrial Defrosting Equipment Material:

Product name

Industrial Defrosting Equipment

medicine tablet or pill

watered pills,water-honey bolus,honeyed bolus,condensed pill and Tibetan pill,etc.


teas,herbs, flowers, green leaves,etc.


beef, pork, chicken,duck, fish etc.


Our Services: Free consultation service previously, during, as well as Aftersales; Free project planning as well as layout solutions; Free debugging of equipment till whatever is practical; Free management of equipment, ' far away shipping; Free training of tools maintenance and running directly.

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Defrosting Units Equipment designed for any type of defrosting process for ham, blocks of meat, fish, etc. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS 3 process control probes 

Thawing machine - All industrial manufacturers - Videos

Defrosting Units Equipment designed for any type of defrosting process for ham, blocks of meat, fish, etc. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS 3 process control probes 

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